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Your jokes are getting worse.

Is this a new intro? I dig it. Its an awesome interview once you get past the terrible jokes. Really cool to hear about the city I live in straight from mayor. Looking forward to learning more about Austin AND the world.

killing it

Interesting guests. Genuine host.

Great show

Great show, great content, good stuff!

He's back!

Moby is back at it again! Loved you on the Austin Fire Show and you just keep impressing me with the new podcast with the mayor. Wow.

So real and poignant, truly tittilating

He has but one mission: spread laughter and knowledge to all the idiots who don't already listen to this podcast. Utter brilliance. "Between the Two Ferns" is a basic b^*#h

Best podcast ever!!!

Mubaris makes it so interesting and awesome. Great speakers!

Awesome show

Moby's show is lit (no pun intended).

He's got the Austin scene on lock

Moby knows the people that know people -- and he brings them to the top for you. Super cool to hear the Mayor of Austin share how he works and how why's. Looking forward to what else you dig up my friend. I'm learning 🙏👌🏽

Much needed podcast!

Love the new format, and started with a bam with the mayor! Congrats and look forward to hearing more.

Moby Rocks

Love this show. It's simultaneously insightful, entertaining, and informative.

Moby got vision

Moby your podcasts are awesome, keep making more them, they are precious to tech startups community 😅😅😅


Better than Serial, but similar context.

Moby is the Best

Awesome podcast with interesting content and amazing people!

Love this show!

Relevant and timely. Great questions for great guests.

The Show is Fire!!

This show has personality and purpose! Love listening to.it in the morning.

Great content

Just like the Austin 🔥 show great stuff being talked about here. Doesn't disappoint. Keep up the awesome work!


I have enjoyed every second of this podcast and being able to see it grow from where it started is even cooler! Keep it up!

Solid, Useful, Valuable

I've followed a lot of interview shows focused on creators / makers, and one of the reasons I'm into the Fire Show is that Moby's got such a great, curious vibe about him. Like, a real openness. Certainly he's conscious of the practical takeaways for listeners, but also the personal side of the trials and tribulations of being a creator / maker. I'm pretty excited to see what's coming as he expands to a broader audience than Austin.

Great Show

Love this show. Moby is a great guy and interviewer! His guests are interesting and he brings real lessons I can use. Give him a listen.

Big move

Hey man! I'm liking the new format. Loving the new show, and can't wait to hear more of it. Keep it up!


Quite the evolution- it's like watching a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Keep fluttering my friend

This guy has talent - Moby is on fire (show)

I've been following Moby since the beginning of his podcasting journey - His shows have been getting better and better with time, can't wait to see what's coming next - He has great interviewing style and knows how to ask good questions! - Giacomo Ravo


Good episode my friend. Esp liked the interview about failure

Moby is on FIRE

Hands down my favorite podcast. Moby covered the local Austin scene so well, I'm stoked he's branching out into other territory now!


Congrats on the new show dude + getting the mayor

New Fireshow is lit (and legit)

Love the idea of the new 5/15/45 formats, and kickass long form interview with Mayor Adler - great launch!

The Mayor

Wow you got the mayor! Nice