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May 17, 2019

#44 2 Angel Investors Reveal What They Look For | SXSW Funded House

#44 2 Angel Investors Reveal What They Look For | SXSW Funded House

Alrighty alrighty alrighty, welcome back to the Fire Show, Austin’s podcast about entrepreneurship.

In this episode, filmed over at Funded House 2019, which I’ll go into detail at the end, I sit down with Chris Palmisano, COO + Brooke Borden, VP Strategy & Finance at RocketDollar, a platform which allows anyone to self-direct the investments of their 401(k).

Now, you know that I don’t cover startups on The Fire Show. I interview experts to share strategies and tactics founders, creatives, and ambitious people like yourself can use.

This episode is super interesting because before Chris and Brooke started at Rocket Dollar, they were angel investors in the company. So, we impromptu decided to do an interview were we cover what angel investors look for in startups. Many of you listening might right now or later be pursuing angel investment for your idea, so check out this episode in its entirety.

This interview was filmed at Funded House, a brand new, immersive experience for post-seed stage startups and Venture Capitalists to connect IRL. We launched it during SXSW this year, and it was a great success! If you want to watch any of the live interviews we did, check out MediaTech Ventures on FB.

Before I go into the side, Check it out on my youtube page, Not That Moby. I’m going heavy into making videos, especially parody videos about startups and podcasts.