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Feb. 20, 2019

#38 CopyWriting Techniques to Stand Out on Social Media | Josh Fetcher, BAMF Media

#38 CopyWriting Techniques to Stand Out on Social Media | Josh Fetcher, BAMF Media

Hello! Welcome back to the Fire Show, the show about entrepreneurship and creativity from Austin TX.

My name is Moby, and if you don’t know who I am, I am an immigrant to the US who gives a shit about Austin TX, entrepreneurship, and I enjoy making content for people who’re building companies and products they give a shit about. Thus, all the tactical shit in this.

Today, we’re talking copywriting for businesses and startups, i.e, writing to get the attention of your customers on social platforms, blogs, ads, and everything else they see.

Copywriting is about text, we’ve also covered video on this podcast with Dave Trausneck, if you do a lot of video as well.

Josh Fechter is a marketing powerhouse. He’s the creator of Badass Marketers and Founders (BAMF), BAMF for short, the most valuable growth marketing community in the world in my opinion. He’s also the creator of BAMF Media, a growth marketing agency based in Venice, California.

He’s a content marketing machine.

A top Quora writer for 2017 and 2018. Buzzfeed has given him credit for “popularizing the genre of poetic LinkedIn posts"", Reuters credit “with starting the trend of viral LinkedIn content"". Forbes calls him one of ""12 Innovative Founders To Watch And Learn From"", and Maxim a “Top B2B Marketing Influencer"".

He’s also the author of Content Machine, LinkedInFluence, and BAMF Bible the #1 book ever on product Hunt.

Check out Josh’s community on Facebook, Badass Marketers and FOunders, which you can get to if you search for BAMF on Facebook.

This was shot over at the Work Well Win and MediaTech lounge during SXSW. WorkWellWin is a new coworking space based in Austin TX, focused on being a wellness and health-conscious space for entrepreneurs. MediaTech is a media advisory firm that is focused on building the US media economy, through an the launch of a technology incubator and education platform, Collective, in Austin.

All, enjoy.