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April 29, 2018

#21 The Evolution of Our Digital Communication over 50 Years

#21 The Evolution of Our Digital Communication over 50 Years

Thomas Umstattd (http://www.thomasumstattd.com/) (@ThomasUmstattd) is a lot of things.

He’s an entrepreneur - as CEO of AuthorMedia, a company helping author get more sales with their books, through providing web design and marketing services.

He’s a podcaster - the co-host of Novel marketing Podcast, a podcast which dives deep into the art of promoting a novel. If you’re an existing or spinning novelist, check it out.

He’s an author, having written and released Courtship in Crisis, a book about dating habits in the US.
He’s also not helping me edit and polish up my podcast, so I know he’s listening. If you’re a podcaster needing some production help, reach out to Thomas.
Most importantly, he’s a friend whose opinion and perspective on technology I really wanted to pick. This is what the episode is about. We talk tech, consumer’s expectations, and what the future of media may look like.

Thomas can be reached at http://www.thomasumstattd.com/ or @ThomasUmstattd.