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Jan. 19, 2018

#15 HOW TO WRITE, SELL, AND PROMOTE A BOOK | Art Markman, Author, Professor, Podcast Host

#15 HOW TO WRITE, SELL, AND PROMOTE A BOOK | Art Markman, Author, Professor, Podcast Host

Art Markman, is a professor of Psychology and Marketing at the University of Texas at Austin and Founding Director of the Program in the Human Dimensions of Organizations, a new set of the interdisciplinary curriculum at the University of Texas. 

His research focuses on how people perceive things to be similar, and the psychological processes involved in decision making, catheter learning, and analogy comparison.

Art has written six books on psychology, leadership, and organizations change, with another on the way. His latest one is Brain Briefs, Answers to the Most (and Least) Pressing Questions about Your Mind, where he along with Bob Duke PhD, answers questions such as:

--Why do we love kitten videos so much?
--Does time speed up as we get older?
--Should we play brain games?
--Can we make ourselves happy? 

Others include:

--Smart Change. (14)
--Habits of Leaderships (13)
--Smart Thinking. (12)

Outside of books, he is a regular contributor at:

--Fast Company
--Scientific American
--Psychology Today

He is also the Host: 

2 Guys on Your Head, a radio show as well as a podcast about psychology and how humans make decisions. 

I met Art at a panel he was on and connected with him shortly after. 

There was a period in which I wanted to do an episode on decision-making, but I thought the concept of writing a book was more interested at this moment. Who knows? We might record another episode sometime!

Alright, so this episode is about writing a book. Specifically, tactics on:

--The process of writing a solo book
--What’s the difference between writing a research-based book, whether that’s first-hand research or second-hand research
--How to get started
--What you need to sell. Hint: it’s a lot 

You can connect with Art by:

--Twitter: @abmarkman 

--Read his stuff on Fast Company, Scientific American. Ad Psychology Today.

--Listen to his podcast 2 Guys on Your Head, whose Twitter is @2GoYH