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Dec. 22, 2017

#12 CREATING PAKISTAN'S SHARKTANK | Nabeel Qadeer, Host of 'Idea Croron Ka'

#12 CREATING PAKISTAN'S SHARKTANK | Nabeel Qadeer, Host of 'Idea Croron Ka'

My roots allow me to connect with two entrepreneurial ecosystems, US and Pakistan. It has allowed me to connect with both successful and aspiring entrepreneurs in Pakistan, do workshops when I visit, and also interview the ones that are helping accelerate the growth of startups over there.

Today, I’m bringing you one of those facilitators, Nabeel Qadeer. Well, calling him a facilitator would be an understatement. Nabeel is:

  • Director of Entrepreneurship at PITB, which is the equivalent of a state ministry. The chairman of that board, Umar Saif, is also a remarkable technologist and visionary, and I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing him on my previous podcast.
  • Head of Plan9, an incubator in Lahore, my hometown. Plan9 sends startups to the US twice a year as part of a partnership with the US State Department and the City of Austin. In fact, this episode was recorded a few days after a cohort of those startups visited their business.
  • Anchor / Content producer of Pakistan’s first business-reality show, Idea Croron Ka “A Million Dollar Idea”, a show watched by 5-7M people. The focus of our episode is the creation and execution of this show.

This episode was recorded in Capital Factory, to which I just won a 6-month membership in a pitch competition at the University of Texas

In the middle of the show, we move rooms to avoid the heat pouring down and the creaking of the chairs... so, yeah just letting you know ha. 

As always, let me know you’re listening in by tweeting @fireshowpodcast or @notthatmoby. You can continue this conversation with Nabeel by tweeting him @nabeelaq

Ladies, gents, lizard people running the world, enjoy!