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The Fire Show

The Fire Show

What does an immigrant do when he can't start a business in the US because of visa restrictions? He interviews entrepreneurs, leaders, and creatives along their journey -- while documenting his own. Hosted by Moby Hayat.

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#74 The Challenges Faced by the Medical Industry during Covid-19 | Imran Khan, Axiom Home Care

Feb. 16, 2023

It is not easy to jump industries, especially when you're going into something as complicated and huge as healthcare. That's what today's guest, Imran Khan, operator behind Axiom Health Care, did and is now running a thrivin…

#73 AI is the Future, and That's Why He's Starting an AI Fund | John Arrow

Feb. 13, 2023

In this episode, I'm talking to John Arrow, who just sold his digital development company, Mutual Mobile. We discuss what goes on when a company is sold, the advent of AI in 2023, and what the future might look like for huma…

#72 Is THIS the #1 rule of sales? (learning from Josh Braun)

Jan. 27, 2023

In this episode, I share the first lesson from the course "Bad-Ass B2B Guide" from Josh Braun. Really powerful stuff.

#71 Leading Marketing for a Fast-Growth B2B Company | Anna (Riggs) Kostroun

Jan. 25, 2023

I want to introduce you to our guest today, Anna Kostroun, CMO and NewRocket. As soon as Anna and I jumped on a call, we instantly connected. She started her career in marketing at Dell, a company I was also at. After leavin…

#70 How to Make People WANT to Visit Your Medical Practice

Jan. 23, 2023

As part of what we do at Full Clinics, I wanted to share what I've learned by working with doctors in the healthcare space, especially as it comes to prospective patient psychology around how to make them choose your clinic …

EP 69 - The Fire Show Is Back! (And Why)

Jan. 16, 2023

Welcome back to The Fire Show! After a big big sabbatical, we are back. In this episode I share why. Check out more: http://thefireshow.com/

#68 A Sabbatical from The Fire Show

Dec. 7, 2021

In this episode, Moby opens up about his struggles with The Fire Show.

#66 Building a Business from the Ground Up - Frank Coppersmith

Nov. 13, 2021

Hosted by Moby, CEO of Fireshow Media: https://www.fireshowmedia.com/

#67 Conscious Leadership + Building a Coaching Business - Vicki Bradley

Nov. 12, 2021

Hosted by Moby, CEO of Fireshow Media: https://www.fireshowmedia.com/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/moby/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/notthatmoby

#65 Entrepreneurship is a Game of Revenue AND Emotions

July 28, 2021

I want to jump in here and say something real quick: If you don't manage your emotions as an entrepreneur, you will lose.

#64 How to Build Long-term Business Relationships at Networking Events

July 16, 2021

If you'd like the PDF book "How to Build Long-term Business Relationships at Networking Events": https://www.fireshowmedia.com/networking

#63 Building a Media Business from the Ground Up: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Aug. 24, 2020

From lay-off to entrepreneurship: I chronicle the best and worst parts of what it's taking to grow a media business: FireShow Media.